Spare parts

ROWEMA is supplying all common spare parts for all ROWEMA, GMD Mueller Lifts and Gerhard Mueller Maschinenbau installations all over the world. Either directly or through local agents and collaborators. ROWEMA is the sole legitimate GMD successor and has all project drawings and specifications of formerly built systems, such as Skilifts, Chairlifts, Cabinlifts or other Tramways or Cablecar installations. This enables ROWEMA to offer correct maintenance and upgrades without costly modifications by others. We have all common spares available from stock. We can supply spares for installations running for 40 years and more.

  • Rubberliners for bull-/returnwheels and sheaves
  • Aluminum bandages for bull-/returnwheels
  • Fix- or detachable clamps; complete or individual parts
  • Drive motors and gearboxes
  • Sheaves ø 400/300/250/208; complete or individual parts
  • Sheave assemblies and main axles; complete or individual parts
  • Steel construction parts such as complete lattice towers and maintenance platforms
  • Various steel construction parts for stations, towers and sheave assemblies

We also supply, if available, factory reconditioned and ND tested equipment.

According to the safety regulations the main parts are ND tested and are shipped with the corresponding certificates.