About us

1947 GMD was founded by Gerhard Müller – one oft he important pioneers for ropeways. In 1985, GMD was taken over by the Management under the name of ROWEMA AG. Since then we are the sole legal successor.

We, ROWEMA AG, are working intensively on the design of reasonably priced constructions with our main focus on economically reasonable Fixed-grip- or Detachable-Monocable-Systems with compact station units and cabins with a capacity from 4 up to 10 persons.

Due to our long-standing know-how and the ISO certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 we are in a position to assist and guide you in the development and realization of your project. Starting from the initial idea to the design, project management and production right through to commissioning and maintenance of the ropeway.

For you all over the world

Europe: Sweden, Norway, Netherland, Switzerland, Turkey, Great Britain, Spain
North America: Canada, USA, Mexico
Central- and South America: Panama, Argentina, Brasil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru
Africa: South Africa
Asia: Japan, Macao, Philippines, India, Pakistan, China
Oceania: Australia and New Zealand